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Ambassador Johann Sattler is the Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina and is the European Union Special Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina as of 1 September 2019.

He returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2019, having been posted to Sarajevo and Tirana as part of European Community Monitoring Mission back in 1997. More recently, he was the Austrian Ambassador to Albania.

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Ambassador Sattler: “Remembrance and Hope”

The Srebrenica Memorial Centre is key to remembrance, research and education on the 1995 genocide, thus its preservation is of the utmost importance. The efforts of the Memorial Centre have the full support of the European Union...

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Europe Day is an occasion to celebrate the European Union – a project based on peace, partnership, shared values and solidarity. These are at t...

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Bosnia and Herzegovina: In the Heart of Europe, On the Road to the EU

Despite the pandemic, we can take steps that will begin a shift. We can agree on reforms that are set out in the European Commission’s Opinion and ensure that BiH delivers faster on its path to the EU...

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Building a climate-resilient future for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Joint op-ed on the updated Nationally Determined Contributions of Bosnia and Herzegovina by the British Embassy Sarajevo, the Delegation of the E...

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Joint Op-ed by EU Ambassador in BiH Johann Sattler, US Ambassador in BiH Eric Nelson and Head of OSCE Mission to BiH Kathleen Kavalec on electoral reform

You have heard us say that 2021 should be a year of action – a window for delivering on long-awaited reforms needed bo...

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Joint op-ed by HoD/EUSR Johann Sattler and US Ambassador Eric Nelson on the 25th anniversary signing the Dayton’s Accords: “A Popular Intervention that We Fully Support”

Today, 25 years after the signing of the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we remember mo...

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