Internal Organization

The EUD/EUSR office has 154 staff of whom 43 are international staff and 111 are national staff. In addition to the Ambassador’s office, we have the following departments: Political Section, Legal Service, Rule of Law Section, Communication Team, Operations, Contracts, Finance & Audit, and EUD and EUSR Administration Offices.

Ambassador Johann Sattler
Head of the EU Delegation and EU Special Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ekaterina Dorodnova
Deputy Head of the EU Delegation

Elisabet Tomasinec
Head of Political Section

Krassimir Nikolov
Head of European Integration, Political, Press and Information Section

Stefano Ellero
Head of Cooperation

Nicolas Bizel
Head of Operations Section I (Justice and Home Affairs, Public Administration Reform)

Gilles Rebattet
Head of Operations Section II (Economic Development, Natural Resources, Infrastructures)

Gianluca Vannini
Head of Operations Section III (Social Development, Civil Society and Cross Border Cooperation)

Ferdinand Koenig
Head of Communications & Spokesperson

Branka Bajić
Head of Legal Service

(Recruitment process ongoing)
Head of Rule of Law Section

Daniel Plas
Head of Finance, Contracts and Audit Section

Joelle Lepot
Deputy Head of Finance, Contracts and Audit Section

Stefano Donati
Head of Banja Luka Regional Office

Bernard Schelfaut
Head of EUD Administration Section

Aida Žunić
Head of EUSR Finance and Administration