Negotiations on BiH’s participation in the EU’s research and innovation framework programme Horizon Europe are ongoing

Upon a formal expression of interest of Bosnia Herzegovina to re-associate to the EU Research & Innovation Framework Programme, the European Commission and Bosnia Herzegovina are currently engaged in exploratory talks to prepare the negotiations for BiH association to Horizon Europe. The latest virtual exploratory meeting took place on 03 February 2021.

This information will be regularly updated, stay informed here.

Horizon Europe is the world’s largest single funding programme for research and innovation. It has a budget of around €95.5 billion for the programme period from 2021 to 2027. The purpose of programme is to foster and protect a knowledge-driven, innovation-friendly society, and to develop a globally competitive and environmentally sustainable economy.

Association to the research and innovation framework programme is the closest form of cooperation with countries outside the EU. It gives the legal entities from the associated country, as far as possible, the same access to actions and funding from the EU research and innovation programme as legal entities from EU countries.

Horizon Europe will promote excellence and provide valuable support to top researchers and innovators to drive the systemic changes needed to ensure a green, healthy and resilient Europe. The programme will also support collaborative research relating to our societal challenges and reinforces technological and industrial capacities through thematic clusters that address the full spectrum of global challenges.

The European missions will focus on ambitious, time-bound and achievable goals to deliver on common European goods. A streamlined number of European Partnerships will encourage wide participation of partners from public and private sectors, covering critical areas such as energy, transport, biodiversity, health, food and circularity.

Horizon Europe will also encourage participation, decrease the R&I gap, and strengthen the European Research Area (ERA) through a wide spectrum of measures to support lower R&I performing countries, to build up excellence centres, to improve their capacity and facilitate collaborative links.