Public Call to Civil Society to Participate in the Consultations on Multicountry IPA 2021/22 one-pagers

The Directorate for European Integration / NIPAC Office invites civil society in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including academic community, experts and social partners to participate in consultations on Multi-Country IPA 2021/22 one-pagers.

The European Commission submitted the following one-pagers:

  • Window 1 /Rule of Law, Fundamental Rights and Democracy
  • Support to Border Security
  • Civil Society Facility (CSF) and Media programme 2021-2023
  • Protection sensitive migration governance in the Western Balkans
  • Support to the fight against Serious and Organised Crime
  • Supporting Evidence-Based Policy-Making on Justice System Performance and Anticorruption in the Western Balkans and Turkey
  • Regional Roma Action in Western Balkans and Turkey
  • Support to the fight against Terrorism and Countering and Preventing Violent Extremism
  • Window 2 / Good governance, EU acquis alignment, good neighbourly relations and strategic communication
  • EU support to confidence-building in the Western Balkans
  • Governance of public finances and economic reforms
  • Support to the Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA)
  • Strategic Communication about the European Union
  • Window 3 / Green agenda and sustainable connectivity
  • Prevention, Preparedness and Response to Natural Disasters in the Western Balkans and Turkey
  • EU4 Connectivity, Green and Digital Transition through the Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF)
  • Western Balkans Regional Energy Efficiency Programme (REEP) and Green for Growth Fund (GGF)
  • The Western Balkans Guarantee Facility
  • Window 4 / Competitiveness and inclusive growth
  • Capacity building of veterinary and plant health services in the Western Balkans
  • Support to Competitiveness and Sustainability in the Western Balkans and Turkey
  • Support for private sector under the Western Balkans Enterprise Development and Innovation Facility (WB EDIF)
  • Participation of the Western Balkans in International Tests
  • Strengthening Social Protection, Health and Employment Systems and Policies in the Western Balkans with Socieux +1
  • Competitive and Sustainable Regional Tourism in the Western Balkans

You can submit your comments and suggestions on Multi-Country IPA 2021/22 one-pagers to the e-mail address:, no later than 18/01/2021.