Europe House: A new place in Sarajevo to bring BiH citizens closer to the EU

Europe House in Sarajevo, located in the historic Vječna vatra building in the heart of the city, is to become a new meeting point of culture, academia, artists and all citizens who wish to bring Bosnia and Herzegovina closer to the European Union. The lease agreement for the new premises was signed today in Sarajevo by Ambassador Johann Sattler, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to BiH and EU Special Representative in BiH and Abdulah Skaka, Sarajevo City Mayor.

Ambassador Sattler congratulated the team involved in this project’s realisation, noting that the signing of the official agreement is an important step in bringing the European Union closer to the citizens of the country. “I think this is the right location, in the heart of the city. The European Union is in the heart of BiH citizens who want to join this Union. You are part of the European cultural space, part of the European geographical space, and you will be part of the European Union one day. Moving here, to the very heart of the city, is the right signal. I think this will be a place that will be open to citizens, students, academics, and artists for exhibitions. This is going to be a real centre for the citizens of this country to come to the EU, to feel what it is to be a part of the European Union,” remarked Ambassador Sattler.

Ambassador Sattler handed over the preliminary designs of the new premises to the Mayor of Sarajevo, inviting close cooperation and engagement to ensure successful realisation of the project. The refurbished Vječna vatra building will become a permanent home of the new Europe House and the Sarajevo City Administration and its institutions, prolonging the fruitful collaboration of the European Union with local administrations across the country in an effort to bring Bosnia and Herzegovina closer to membership of the European Union, so that citizens may enjoy all the benefits of full membership.

“Time will tell of the importance of the historic act we are part of today. The City of Sarajevo and our institutions will gain a permanent location in the heart of the city. For more than two years we have been working on this and I congratulate the team involved in the project. This will be a headquarters for the City it deserves. We are the first public administration in the country that will share a roof with the European Union. The City of Sarajevo will use the time before us to become a part of the large community of the European Union,” said Mayor Skaka.

The doors of the new Europe House in Sarajevo are planned to be opened on the next Europe Day, 9 May 2021, strengthening the presence of the European Union and enabling active engagement of BiH citizens with the EU.