Sarajevo Cable Car Destination: Fresh Air!

A hundred and forty nine years ago to this day, the mechanical genius called Andrew Smith Hallidie was granted the world’s first cable car patent. Thanks to this invention, millions of people around the globe are enjoying this type of transport, including residents and visitors to Sarajevo.

Marking the International Cable Car Day, the Chargé d’Affaires a.i. of the EU Delegation to BiH Khaldoun Sinno today went to Trebevic by cable car. The original one was opened back in 1959 and after suffering major damages during the war in the 90s, the cable car was finally reopened in 2018.

Sarajevo was simply incomplete without the Trebević cable car. I am happy that one of Sarajevo’s key landmarks was restored much to delight of everyone. It not only helps boost the tourism offer, but nowadays it is a great tool to escape city’s hazardous air pollution,” Sinno stated during the visit.

Communities across Bosnia and Herzegovina have been struggling with extreme air pollution which peaked in the past few days. Citizens have been urged to restrict outside movement and the usage of vehicles, and the Sarajevo City Authorities reduced the Cable Car ticket price to help as many citizens as possible get clean air.

It is such a pity to take this thrilling ride up, and then you don’t actually see the city at all due to air pollution. It is also scary to think what we all breathe down there,” Sinno remarked.

The EU in BiH has recently launched the Human Rights campaign – EU4YourRights and also touched upon the issue of clean air, as environmental challenges affect peoples’ fundamental rights. The key message #ImamPravoNaČistZrak is that we all have a right to clean air that does not pose risk to health or the environment.

Environment is one of the key priorities for the European Union, which has recently presented an ambitious plan, the EU Green Deal, moving to a green economy and making the EU climate neutral by 2050. This will also help consumers and businesses in the Western Balkans to have access to clean, affordable and secure energy.