EU in BiH: Additional 1.4 million euro in support of war crime cases processing in BiH

For a number of years, European Union supports judiciary of Bosnia and Herzegovina in efforts to prosecute all war crimes cases. From 2014, European Union granted in total 14.8 euro million to strengthen the rule of law and the quality and integrity of BiH judiciary to enhancing the war crime cases processing.

The second phase (IPA 2013) worth 7,4 million euro of EU grants provided support to domestic judicial institutions and other beneficiaries by financing the work of 21 judicial function holders and 114  experts and technical assistants. 15 prosecutorial offices and 8 courts in BiH were constructed/reconstructed and received needed vehicles and sophisticated IT and AV equipment. In addition, HJPC BiH and Ministry of Justice BiH were beneficiaries of IPA support.

Within the five years period, the EU supported the BiH Supervisory Body for National War Crime Cases Strategy which resulted in reduction of unresolved war crime cases by 46%. The Supervisory Body implemented a set of measures and activities resulting in the centralization of the registry of evidence of war crime cases and improvement of the regional cooperation and harmonization of case law in war crime cases.

On 4th  October 2019, the European Union confirmed its position of a key partner to judiciary of Bosnia and Herzegovina and allocated additional 1.4 million euro in support of the resolution of all war crime cases.

In the course of 2019/2020, additional funds will further support enhancement of efficient processing of war crime cases through human capacity building, and strengthening the work of the BiH Supervisory Body for National War Crime Case Strategy, thus enabling proper monitoring and coordination of its activities.