Ambassador Wigemark receives “Children Are Pillars of the World” Declaration

EU Ambassador to BiH Lars-Gunnar Wigemark received today a copy of the “Children Are Pillars of the World” Association’s Declaration.

Ambassador Wigemark had signed the Declaration in September 2018 as a show of support to the Association, which aims to send a positive message into the world from children in Bosnia and Herzegovina through its engagement on nurture, education and dialogue.

At today’s ceremony held at the EU Delegation in Sarajevo, Ambassador Wigemark reiterated the European Union’s commitment to support young people in advocating for positive change in their communities, and welcomed their engagement on a number of important issues in the context of the country’s EU integration, such as the fight against corruption and environmental protection.

“This is their project, a project of the teenagers of BiH, who are ringing the alarm: The planet is in need of humanity!” President of the “Children Are Pillars of the World” Association Professor Fatima Hukić said on this occasion, adding that the project which began in Bosnia and Herzegovina promotes moral principles that are applicable to the contemporary needs of the entire world.

The “Children Are Pillars of the World” Association plans to hold its 5th International Congress of the Child in the autumn of 2019. The first such congress was held in July 2000.