Ambassador Wigemark in Tuzla: EU support aims to create opportunities for investments and new jobs

Head of the EU Delegation and EU Special Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina Ambassador Lars-Gunnar Wigemark visited Tuzla on 12 April 2017.  On this occasion, Ambassador Wigemark visited the BIT Centre (Business Innovation Technology Park) which was supported by the EU through the project “Best 4 SMEs”. As part of the project, the EU invested 220,000 EUR for the renovation and equipping of Building 4 of the Centre. This support resulted in creation of some 50 new jobs and 20 new SMEs.

Speaking to representatives of the business community in the Tuzla area, Ambassador Wigemark emphasised how this EU support aims to facilitate opportunities for investments and new jobs. He also highlighted that, as part of the Reform Agenda, investment in creation of new jobs, in particular of young educated professionals needs to be the top country’s priority and is the best investment for its future. Interlocutors also discussed improvements needed to BiH’s research and innovation system.

It was emphasised that business incubators and innovation parks such as the BIT Centre are important contributors to local development through jobs creation, diversification of local economy, technology transfer and strengthening partnerships with universities, regional business networks, potential investors and international donors.

Ambassador Wigemark further visited the Centre for promotion of traditional products of North-Eastern BiH, part of a cluster of 20 small producers supported by the EU, where he discussed how tourism is enhancing their access to market.

Ambassador Wigemark also met with the Mayor of Tuzla, Jasmin Imamovic, to discuss the socio-economic situation in the area, in particular youth unemployment.