EUD/EUSR Office in BiH welcomes adoption of changes and amendments to the BiH Anti-discrimination Law

The EU Delegation/EU Special Representative Office in BiH welcomes yesterday’s adoption of the Law on Changes and Amendments to the BiH Anti-discrimination Law by the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Adoption of this Law is an important step towards aligning the BiH anti-discrimination legislation with the international human rights standards and the EU law.

The Law extends the listed grounds for discrimination to age and disability, as well as the sexual orientation, sexual characteristics and gender identity for a better protection of the LGBTI population. Additionally, the Law includes very significant and substantive changes to the procedural aspects, thus paving the way for its more efficient implementation and better protection of victims of discrimination.

EUSR/EUD also underlines the importance of efficient and uniform implementation of the Law, as well as the need to develop a countrywide anti-discrimination strategy and action plan, accompanied with the introduction of relevant policies needed to help ensure the effective protection and exercise of human rights.