European Researchers Night

It’s time for European Researchers Night!

Opportunity for participation and entertainment for all!

Another crazy night of largest scientific party is ahead of us!

On 25. September, from 17.00 pm fourth in a row European Researchers Night is coming to four cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Mostar and Bijeljina.

In the spirit of this year’s slogan „Start the chain reaction“ the organisers Oxfam in BiH, Hydro-engineering Institute Sarajevo and Tidea doo Banja Luka,  invite you to join, have fun and check out various activities prepared for you, and to start the chain reaction of events that will make science available for all.

Numerous activities include science fair, interactive workshops, experiments, exhibitions, projections and many other interesting activities aiming to present and bring closer the work of scientists and researchers to all people and to motivate young people to consider science for possible career choice.

You can also directly participate in the European Researchers Night:

If you have an interesting science project and would like show it off, as well as win valuable prizes for your school, you can apply for the secondary schools team contest in science projects, to be held as part of Researchers Night.

All institutions, organisations and individuals active in science, research and innovations will have the opportunity to present their work and results at the science fair, during the event.
Deadline for applications for the contest and science fair is  16.09.2015. and 19.09.2015.

Applications can be made on the web site, where all other relevant information on the event, such as locations and programme, can also be found.
If you just want to have fun with your friends, come along! No need to apply! Fun is for free at the European Researchers Night!

About European Researchers Night

European Researchers Night is organised since 2005, each last Friday of September, supported by European Union through Horizon 2020 programme (ex FP7), aiming to promote science and research, motivate young people to select science for the career, and raising awareness in general public on the influence of various research on everyday life. Since its beginnings, Researchers Night is celebrated in a growing number of European cities. Last year, celebrations of science were held in over 300 cities, in around 30 European countries.
At the European level, this year the event marks its first jubilee – ten years of celebrations throughout the continent.