Conclusion of EU Safety Infrastructure Project (EUSIP)

The EU Safety Infrastructure Project in BiH (EUSIP), financed by the European Union under Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA), 2007, in the amount of 1.6 million Euros, was brought to a formal conclusion on 18 November.

The project has been a key element in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s European integration effort.

The project has been supporting the transposition and implementation of a number of EU Directives regulating industrial products. Its overall objective is to further develop the quality infrastructure in the BiH, in line with the provisions of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement, and to create an enabling environment for the BiH industries and manufacturers to improve their trade and industrial relations with the EU and international markets as well as quality of life. The Project has also supported Bosnia and Herzegovina in the establishment of a conformity assessment system on state level and a market surveillance system in accordance with the EU requirements.

Johann Hesse, Head of Operations Section for Economic Development, Natural Resources and Infrastructures, EU Delegation to BiH stated that the overall ambition with this project was to support Bosnia and Herzegovina so that a major step forward could be taken in adapting EU regulations and prepare those institutions and systems which are responsible to implement these regulations. The alignment with the EU legislation has several positive impacts. Besides the fact that it is a step towards membership of the EU the alignment will also make it easier for the companies which shall not live up to different legal requirements in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the rest of Europe. Furthermore the new legislation is expected to improve product safety for the benefit of the consumers. 

Assistant BiH Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Dragan Milovic said that a comprehensive set of activities has been implemented in close cooperation with the two main beneficiaries – the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations and the Market Surveillance Agency BiH.

The Project has provided technical assistance for the transposition and implementation of a number of EU directives into BiH legislation to ensure alignment with the EU legislation. Furthermore, the organizational structures for the future management of conformity assessment at the state level have been supported and finally the market surveillance system has been strengthened. Therefore, the Project has provided valuable technical assistance which will be beneficial to the beneficiary when the transposition process continues after the project support ends.