Green light for milk and dairy exports to the EU from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is now very close to starting exports of milk and dairy products to the EU. On Friday, 19 June 2015, the EU’s Food and Veterinary Office (FVO)* informed the Veterinary Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina that all actions proposed by Bosnia and Herzegovina in its Action Plan to control the production and processing of dairy products intended for export to the EU are considered satisfactory in relation to all recommendations made by the FVO.

The European Commission commends Bosnia and Herzegovina on the establishment and approval of its Action Plan and expects all aspects of the Action Plan to be fully implemented in a coordinated manner without delay across the country by state level and entities’ administrations. An FVO audit to verify the full implementation of the Action Plan is scheduled for 2016.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is already included in the list of countries eligible to export heat treated milk and dairy products to the European Union but before exports can start, Bosnia and Herzegovina will have to submit to the European Commission a list of establishments assessed as compliant and proposed for export to the EU. Once this list has been approved by the European Commission, Bosnia and Herzegovina can start exporting milk and dairy products to the EU from those establishments.

While this is a very positive development in the trade relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the EU, the European Commission recalls also the need to focus now on the adaptation of the trade part of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement following the accession of Croatia to the EU.

*The Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) is the service of the European Commission responsible for ensuring that EU legislation on food safety, animal health, plant health and animal welfare is properly implemented and enforced.