Ambassador Sorensen opens Researchers’ Night in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Future scientists and today’s researchers gathered tonight in Sarajevo and Banja Luka to mark Researchers’ Night in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since 2005, the European Union is supporting and funding this initiative through its FP7 Programme, with the aim of promoting scientific research, encouraging young people to consider careers in research and raising awareness of the effects that scientific research has on our everyday life. Overall, the EU spends around 50 billion Euro on research and innovation on the continent.

Opening the event in Sarajevo, Ambassador Sorensen said:

“I know many of you think if the possibilities of a future career in science. Research is really important for our every day lives right across Europe and the world. It is important for the economic and social growth of Bosnia and Herzegovina – for better lives for people in this country. If you are pursuing research, you are helping to make this country a better place.

“This country has great human potential, especially among graduates and entrepreneurs. The European Union particularly wants to encourage Bosnia and Herzegovina to build on this available talent in the area of research and development. I encourage you in your work and careers. For those who have other great life objectives, I encourage you to be a scientist at least for tonight!”

Further information about Researchers’ Night can be seen at: and on the night across Europe at: