Beekeeping: strengthening the economy of Gorazde

In the period 14 to 16 October, Gorazde hosted the fair ‘Days of Honey’ organized within the project “Beekeeping – Activity for the future”. The project is implemented by the Gorazde Municipality in cooperation with partners from Serbia and with additional EU financial support.

The Project’s main aim is rural development, with a particular focus on beekeeping and honey production in the border areas of Gorazde and Prijepolje in Serbia.

“The project should highlight the particular importance of rural development and specially beekeeping and honey production specifically for this border region. The development of beekeeping and honey production is also essential for the economic development of local communities. We hope that this project will result in new contacts and business relationships being made that will help strengthen their performance in the markets of Serbia and in BiH, but also that they will continue to export to the EU“, said Ljiljana Pantic, Programme Manager for cross-border cooperation at the EU Delegation to BiH.

“The project includes a series of activities starting with education, technical training for board members, all the way to education related to beekeeping, public forums and technical capacity building of organizations where the emphasis is placed on the handling of a range of beekeeping equipment. In the project framework, a professional visit to Celje in Slovenia is also planned. Given that Slovenia is one of the EU countries, we are pleased that our beekeepers have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and exchange experiences with colleagues from Slovenia“, stated Asima Dzambegovic, Project Manager.

The project was launched in June this year and will last until June 2014. The project is financed from IPA funds in the Cross Border Cooperation Programme Serbia-BiH in the amount of around 183,000 Euro. In addition to the implementer Municipality of Gorazde, the Behar Association of Beekeepers, the Drina Fruit Association, the Serbian Municipality of Prijepolje, beekeepers from Prijepolje and the Zlatna Malina Fruit Growers Association from Prijepolje are also included in the project.