Transcript of press briefing by Javier Solana and Miroslav Lajčák following their meeting in Brussels

Javier Solana: For me, it’s a great pleasure to receive the High Representative here. I had a very good talk with him. He has all my support and the support of the European Union in what in our mind, and in my mind, is a very good job he’s doing. He has presented a proposal to solve some of the problems, which are still preventing Bosnia and Herzegovina to sign a Stabilisation and Association Agreement with the European Union. I would like to make a public claim to the leaders of Bosnia and Herzegovina that they have to move in the direction of the document that has been presented by him. I hope that they will take it seriously. We have to know that otherwise the Stabilisation and Association Agreement process will be delayed.

I am sure that the people of the country, that the people in Bosnia and Herzegovina … that’s what they want. And the leaders should follow the people, and not reciprocally. This is what is democracy, and I am sure that is what would be beneficial for all people in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Again, the High Representative has all our support, all my personal support, and I hope very much that the leaders will also follow what he has put on the table.

Miroslav Lajčák: There is not very much for me to say. What High Representative Solana has said is very clear. I am satisfied, more than satisfied with our meeting. The Secretary General understands the situation very well, and as he said, he expects from the leaders of Bosnia and Herzegovina to behave responsibly and to deliver, as it is expected by the European Union and by the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is nothing else I can add to this.

Elvir Bucalo, BHT: Can we expect a response  from the European side in the case of failure?

Javier Solana: I prefer not to contemplate that possibility, but if this is a failure, and if the failure continues, there will be no signature of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement, and therefore the European perspective will get further down the road. And as I said, I do not think that this is the wish of the majority of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The battles between the leaders cannot be something that damages the hopes, the perspective and the future of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Elvir Bucalo, BHT: Do you think that the issue of Kosovo can affect the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Javier Solana: I do not think that the issue of Kosovo, as you call it, should affect it. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a sovereign country. It is not a country that was born yesterday. It has its history already and the issues of Bosnia and Herzegovina have to be resolved within Bosnia and Herzegovina, and not outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina.