OHR’s Statement at the International Agencies’ Joint Press Conference in Banja Luka

HR/EUSR meets EUFOR Operational Commander/DSACEUR 


The High Representative and EU Special Representative will this afternoon meet in Sarajevo with EUFOR’s Operational Commander and NATO’s Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General Reith, who is based in Mons in Belgium.


The High Representative and EU Special Representative will provide General Reith with an update of the Political situation in BiH and his priorities at the start of his mandate: creating a normal political atmosphere; BiH’s Stabilisation and Association agreement and Police restructuring.


The HR/EUSR will underline that EU co-operation of outmost importance for ensuring stability as well as reinforcing the country’s integration aspirations with the EU.


We will be issuing more details of this meeting later today.


HR Interviews


One point that may be of interest to you: the HR/EUSR will be giving interviews on FTV’s ‘Dnevnik D’ at 20.00 and in HRT’s ‘Magazine’ programme at 21.05 this evening.