OHR’s Statement at the International Agencies’ Joint Press Conference in Mostar

In response to a request for the revision of
the High Representative’s Mostar-related decisions from the Bosniak Caucus
of the Mostar City Council, the High Representative, Christian
Schwarz-Schilling, has written to Suad Hasandedic, the Caucus President.

In his letter, the High Representative expressed disappointment at the
fact that the Bosniak Caucus is asking him to reconsider his decisions, calling
into question their validity, and even indicating it will obstructtheir
implementation. .

Decisions made by the High Representative are based on the
recommendations of his Special Envoy, Norbert Winterstein, which were the
product of extensive talks with all parties to find a viable solution to
the urban planning issues. Those talks resulted in the submission of his
proposal, dated 14 December 2006, to the Mayor of Mostar and the City Council
for adoption. As the City Council was unable to adopt the
proposal, the High Representative was forced to intervene as he
had warned he would if necessary.

The High Representative’s decisions were formulated to ensure that
Mostar has a functional City Administration and are valid, final and
binding and in the best interests of the citizens and City of

In his letter, the High Representative urged the Bosniak Caucus to stop
obstructing implementation of these decisions, and invited them to cooperate
with the Mayor and the rest of the City Council to establish the Commission at
the next City Council session. If the City authorities fail to adopt the
necessary decision to establish the Commission, the High Representative will
have to consider appropriate further action.