Transcript of the International Agencies’ Joint Press Conference

OHR, Mario Brkic

ICTY, Matias Hellman

EUFOR, Karen Halsey



Nansen Dialogue Centre Talk

The High Representative/EU Special Representative, Christian
Schwarz-Schilling, addressed a packed Nansen Dialogue Centre yesterday afternoon
in Mostar and urged young people to vote in the 1 October elections.

He also compared the situation when he was young in


with that prevailing today in

Bosnia and Herzegovina

explaining that in both cases
Euro-Atlantic integration held out the prospect of a better life. And he
expressed his hope that someone present would rise to one of the most senior
positions in the European Union.

“Elections in general are important,” Mr Schwarz-Schilling said. “These are
especially significant because of the changing nature of the international
presence in Bosnia and

“The leaders elected on 1 October this year will have to take responsibility
for the future of their and your country and to lead it towards

after the closure of the Office of the High
Representative next year.

“If, therefore, you choose not to use the opportunity presented by the
election, you are allowing others to decide for you about your future,” Mr
Schwarz-Schilling warned.

Concerning the comparison between
Bosnia and Herzegovina

today and the Germany of Mr
Schwarz-Schilling’s youth, he said: “When I was your age, the future of my
country was not clear.


had been
defeated in war. It was divided. And democracy was in its infancy.

“There was no European Union at that time,” the High Representative/EU
Special Representative said. “But through NATO, the Marshall Plan and later the
European Coal and Steel Community, there was a Euro-Atlantic perspective for


that the
country’s then Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer, seized.”

Mr Schwarz-Schilling concluded by urging his audience to become engaged in
building a European future for Bosnia and Herzegovina by voting in the October
elections and actively participating in every aspect of the process.

The full text of the speech is available on both the OHR and the EUSR web

PDHR to Attend
Fair in

Principle Deputy High Representative Larry Butler will visit the celebrated
Plum Fair in Gradacac tomorrow. During the visit, Ambassador Butler will attend
a reception at Husein Kapetan Gradascevic tower, after which he will give a
short speech at the opening of the Fair at

midday. For all other details regarding the protocol of the
Fair, journalists should contact the Mayor’s office and the Director of the
Fair. For arrangements on the ground, you can contact me on my mobile

High Representative/EU Special Representative Thursday Press

On Thursday, the High Representative/EU Special Representative will hold a
press conference at

10 o’clock. That
will be 100 days after the speech he gave to parliament on May 24 after his
first 100 days in office. It will also be one month before the elections. In
this press conference, he will present his assessment of the achievements or
lack thereof of the legislative in the intervening period.



Good morning on behalf of the Tribunal. I have several announcements for you

First, the ICTY Appeals Chamber last Friday dismissed Zoran Žigić’s request
for review of the Appeals Chamber’s judgment as being completely without merit.
Žigić had been sentenced to 25 years in prison forparticularly brutal crimes
committed in Prijedor camps where he entered to abuse, beat, torture or kill

In his request, Žigić referred to a document that according to his
allegations had not been disclosed to him by the Prosecution during trial.
However, the Appeals Chamber found that Žigić’s allegations were blatantly
untruthful and that it is well known that his defence even relied on the
document earlier during trial. The Appeals Chamber noted that this was the third
motion filled by Žigić making baseless and frivolous claims and that it
constitutes an abuse of proceedings. The Chamber warned Žigić it would impose
strict sanctions should he continue with similar motions.

Second, I remind you that the judgment against Josip Jović for contempt of
court will be delivered tomorrow at 9:00. Jović, a former editor of Slobodna
is accused of disclosing the identity and testimony of a witness
that judges had ordered be protected from the public, as well as violating a
court order that specifically instructed him to desist from further publication
of the testimony of the witness.

Third, you probably know that the appeal hearing in the case against
Stanislav Galić is taking place today. Galić, who was the Commander of the
Sarajevo Romanija Corps of the Republika Srpska Army, was sentenced by the Trial
Chamber to 20 years in prison for cundicting a campaign of sniping and shelling
intended primarily to terrorise the civilian population of Sarajevo. Here I have
a copy of a decision issued yesterday by the Appeals Chamber dismissing Galić’s
request to submitt further evidence.

And finally, on the occasion of tomorrow’s marking the International Day of
Missing Persons, I would like to invite all those who have information on mass
grave locations to reveal the information to relevant authorities.

Thank you for your attention.



No statement.