Transcript of the International Agencies’ Joint Press Conference

OHR, Oleg Milisic

EUFOR, Corrado Prado



Concern Over Presidency Failure to Meet Armed Forces Structure

The High Representative Christian Schwarz-Schilling is
concerned by the BiH Presidency’s failure to meet its legally required deadline
for approving the proposed decision on the size, structure and stationing of the
Armed Forces of Bosnia andHerzegovina.

The 1 July deadline was specified in the Defence Law that came into effect on
28 December
and that
deadline expired at

The High Representative said today “By missing this deadline, the BiH
Presidency is delaying implementation of critical military reforms. In its
capacity as collective commander-in-chief, the Presidency must take this up at
its next meeting as a matter of urgency.”

The BiH Presidency is meeting again tomorrow.

The proposed decision on the size, structure, and stationing of the AFBiH has
been developed by BiH Minister of Defence Nikola Radovanovic and his Transition
Team with NATO advisory input.

The Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Council specifically addressed
this issue at its meeting last week, expressing hope in the communiqué that “a
decision will be reached before 1 July that is consistent with the law and the
readiness requirements of a NATO-compatible, single military force”.

RS MPs agree to Pay Themselves More

The RSNA this morning enacted a Law on the Rights and Duties of MPs. As in
similar legislation recently placed before the BiH and Federation parliaments,
the RSNA law will give MPs generous pensions and other benefits – considerably
more generous than the pensions and benefits paid to citizens. The RSNA
approved the law even though it was the subject of a negative opinion issued by
the RS Government.

The law will allow all parliamentarians who have been elected to the RSNA
since 1996 to enjoy more favourable retirement conditions than any other
citizen. The money allocated for these increased pension payments will,
obviously, not be available to fund desperately needed social programmes.

No one denies that MPs have the right to a fair pay . What is at
issue here is whether it is appropriate for MPs to increase their own benefits
when the economy has not yet improved to a point where it is possible to
increase the benefits paid to other workers.

There are elections in October. The media and the public should ask their
elected representatives why they feel they are entitled to more generous
remuneration than other citizens.

Extending Joly


There has been a certain amount of speculation recently on the extension of
Joly Dixon’s mandate as ITA Chair. Well, the facts are as follows; Mr. Dixon’s
mandate expired on Friday.The HR spoke to Mr. Dixon yesterday.

The HR is currently reviewing the situation and we expect a decision on how
to move forward in a matter of days.

HR meets Mostar Representatives

The High Representative, Christian Schwarz-Schilling, will today meet
with representatives of Mostar political parties that participate
in the work of the Mostar City Council. They will discuss the current
political situation in Mostar and the steps that are necessary to
complete the remaining tasks of Mostar unification.

A short press opportunity will be organized after the meeting – at
18.00, here at the

OHR in Sarajevo.



No statement.



Dragan Simovic, SRNA

As I understand, you announced that Mr. Schwarz-Schilling will extend Mr.
Dixon’s mandate?


I did not say that. I said that High Representative is reviewing it. We
expect decision on how to move on in the next day or two.