What is your opinion on BiH’s EU perspective?

Enisa Rakovic, Bihac

I definitely see BiH as a member of the EU in the future despite the fact that there have been certain contradictions and controversies within BiH for many years. The European perspective of BiH, as a multi-ethnic and multicultural country, provides a clear and reliable guarantee for its survival in the age-old boundaries as a sovereign, independent and united country. As a woman, I definitely think that it is particularly necessary to ensure a high level of human rights, particularly women’s rights, which will protect the national, cultural and religious rights of women, and in particular to ensure equality at all levels – local, cantonal, entity to state level i.e. at the every part of its territory. I also believe that the accession of BiH to the EU will lead to reducing of corruption, because we know that for many years BiH has ranked as one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

Murisa Maric, B.Sc. in Economy, Executive Director of the NGO “DON“, Prijedor

As a member of the generation of people who lived in the former Yugoslavia, and as a citizen of BiH today, I believe that BiH’s membership to the EU is the only path which is supported by society and by politics at the same time. For most BiH citizens, no matter whether they are Serbs, Bosniaks or Croats, the EU is a fully consensual goal Citizens support the European perspective but at the same timeexpect that the authorities, at all levels and political leaders, will accept responsibility for this path in order to ensure realistic progress and justify accepted responsibilities. Expectations of BiH citizens could be divided between those who are realistic and those who are unrealistic. Realistic expectations are related to greater responsibility in the work of selected officials and an increase in employment levels. Unrealistic expectations claim that EU member states live in total welfare and without any problems. It is necessary to use the path towards EU to change the habits and to bring positive changes, both by politicians and by BiH citizens as it will be helpful for the organization of the state and the strengthening of its institutions and social environment. Transition is part of the process of BiH’s path towards the EU which is being completed. That is why I believe that EU membership is a chance and big step forward for BiH and its citizens.

Cedomir Coric, Derventa

The only and the best solution for all BiH citizens is EU membership as fast as possible. Only EU membership can improve infrastructure and the quality of life for all citizens, through the possibility of using EU structural funds. On the other hand, bearing in mind the current capabilities of BiH politicians and their readiness to reach compromises and to implement institutional reforms, nobody can say today that it will happen and when it will happen. If the current level of progress continues, it is unrealistic to expect BiH’s membership in the EU to happen by 2030. I think that we will be the last country in the Western Balkans that will become an EU member.