Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mission Statement
Bosnia and Herzegovina: united, peaceful, prosperous and a future Member State of the European Union. We share these aspirations of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Combining the resources of the European Union, we are assisting the institutions at all levels, the business community, civil society and citizens to make this EU future happen.
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Recently updated Tenders:

Tender Dossier, EuropeAid/136304/DD/ACT/BA , EC/BIH/CfP/14/001
(Updated: 19.09.2014 | Tender: Improved social inclusion of most vulnerable Roma families, EuropeAid/136304/DD/ACT/BA, EC/BIH/CfP/14/001)

Shortlist Notice, EuropeAid/135845/DH/SER/BA, EC/BIH/TEN/14/015
(Updated: 01.09.2014 | Tender: Support to management of the EU Info Centre in BiH, EuropeAid/135845/DH/SER/BA, EC/BIH/TEN/14/015)

Shortlist Notice, EuropeAid/134278/DH/SER/BA, EC/BIH/TEN/13/013
(Updated: 08.08.2014 | Tender: Capacity building for trade policies and analysis, EuropeAid/134278/DH/SER/BA, EC/BIH/TEN/13/013)

Cancellation Notice, EuropeAid/135453/DD/WKS/BA, EC/BIH/TEN/13/043
(Updated: 07.08.2014 | Tender: Regulation of Bosna River in Sarajevsko Polje, Bosnia and Herzegovina ,EuropeAid/135453/DD/WKS/BA, EC/BIH/TEN/13/043)

Tender Dossier, EuropeAid/136133/DD/ACT/BA, EC/BIH/CfP/14/002
(Updated: 31.07.2014 | Tender: Support to in-country actors to prevent and respond to crises in fragile and conflict-affected situations, EuropeAid/136133/DD/ACT/BA, EC/BIH/CfP/14/002 )

Deadline: 23.10.2014
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Peter Sørensen Head of the EU Delegation to BiH & EU Special Representative
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