European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR)

The European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) is the concrete expression of the EU commitment to support and promote democracy and human rights in third countries.

Following up on the 2007-2013 EIDHR, it has been established in 2014 to contribute to achieving the EU’s policies relating to human rights and democracy in non-EU countries, including the objectives outlined in the Strategic Framework on Human Rights and Democracy adopted by the Council on 25 June 2012 and its new Action Plan for 2015-2019.

Its budget is EUR 1,332,752,000 for 2014-2020 and is mainly channelled through civil society organisations whose projects are selected following calls for proposals (Delegations or Headquarters). The EIDHR is complementary to the other EU external assistance instruments.

The key objectives of the EIDHR are:
•    supporting, developing and consolidating democracy in third countries, by enhancing participatory and representative democracy, strengthening the overall democratic cycle, in particular by reinforcing an active role for civil society within this cycle, and the rule of law, and improving the reliability of electoral processes, in particular by means of EU Electoral Observation Missions;
•    enhancing respect for and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms, as proclaimed in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international and regional human rights instruments, and strengthening their protection, promotion, implementation and monitoring, mainly through support to relevant civil society organisations, human rights defenders and victims of repression and abuse.

Compared to the 2007-2013 EIDHR, the 2014-2020 EIDHR has been adjusted to address new realities and is more strategic in its focus and procedurally easy to use. Its budget has been increased and thus enabling the EU to provide more support for the development of thriving civil societies and their specific role as key actors for positive change in support of human rights and democracy. This includes increasing the EU’s capacity to react promptly to human rights emergencies and more support for international and regional human rights protection mechanisms.

Civil society organisations and human rights defenders in Bosnia and Herzegovina are eligible to apply for calls for proposals launched through the worldwide component of the programme. For more details please visit the EuropeAid web page

Grant contracts awarded during December 2016 and February 2017

FINANCING SOURCE:  BGUE-B2016-21.040100-C8-DEVCO/NEAR and BGUE-B2017-21.040100-C8-DEVCO/NEAR

Grants awarded under call for proposals EC/BiH/CfP/16/001; Publication reference: EuropeAid/151540/DD/ACT/BA

European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights; Bosnia and Herzegovina – Country Based Support Scheme 2015 and 2016

DAC Code; 15160 – Human rights



Name & Address
Nationality (ISO code) DAC code Country/region where the action takes place Action title Action location Action duration (in months) Grant amount[1] (EUR) Percentage of total eligible action costs
(%) financed by the EU


Udruženje građana VIVE ŽENE

Udruženje Pozoriste Mladih Tuzla

BA 15160 Bosnia and Herzegovina Stronger Voice of girls and boys against Gender Based Violence Bosnia and Herzegovina


36 350,000 85.52


Save the Children Italia ONLUS associazione

Centar za mlade VERMONT

Udruženje Žene sa Une

BA 15160 Bosnia and Herzegovina BRIGHT4ALL – Basic RIGHT to Education for ALL Children in Bosnia-Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina 36 350,000 90.17



Udruženje novinara BHN

Centar za edukaciju (Center for Education) PRO EDUCA

the European Federation of Journalists

BA 15160 Bosnia and Herzegovina Mapping human rights in media observing position of citizens, vulnerable layers of society and media community in BiH Bosnia and Herzegovina 36 313,573.68 94.20


CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg e.V

Udruženje građana za promociju obrazovanja Roma “OTAHARIN”

Udruženje žena Romkinja Bolja Budućnost grada Tuzla

BA 15160 Bosnia and Herzegovina Roma Youth for Rights and Inclusion Bosnia and Herzegovina 30 350,000 98,62


CARITAS Rimokatoličkog biskupskog ordinarijata Banja Luka

Österreichische Caritaszentrale

BA 15160 Bosnia and Herzegovina Respect Rural Women Bosnia and Herzegovina 36 330,000 96.36


[1] Grant amount means the financial contribution provided by the Contracting Authority


Grant contracts awarded during 2015

Name of the organisation Project Title Focal area Duration Contracted Project description
Agencija za saradnju, edukaciju i razvoj, ACED Banja Luka Student Council Network Innovative Sustainability Initiative BiH 36 months 200,000.00 The overall project objective is to increase the sustainability of secondary school Student Councils (SC) and their networks, based on a common platform for advocating student interests that will contribute to their recognition by school, municipal and governmental authorities and enable the long term operational capacity of the BiH Student Council Network (mreSVUBIH).
Centri civilnih inicijativa BiH Strengthening public sector’s integrity: de-politicization for the rule of law BiH 24 months 199,980.00 Overall objective of the project is to contribute to the rule of law and good governance in BiH, by advocating professionalism and integrity of the public sector, especially the procedures of appointment and employment in public sector.
Association “Progressive Reinforcement of Organization and Individuals” (PROI) The accomplishment of the human rights and fundamental freedoms through tobacco control BiH 24 months 157,600.00 The specific objective is to enhance functional and coordinated mechanisms for protection from the devastating health, social, environmental and economic consequences of tobacco consumption and exposure to second-hand smoking in BiH.
REDD BARNA FORENING LYRA – Leaders – Young Roma in Action BiH 24 months 200,000.00 The overall project objective is to promote respect for the human rights of Roma children and youth in BiH. Its specific objective is to support the informal network of Roma and non-Roma youth (led by a core group of 15 Roma youth) to become positive role-models and leaders, in advocating for improvement of status of Roma in BiH’s society.
Centar za menadžment, razvoj i planiranje Right to safe and affordable drinking water for all BiH 30 months 184,212.00 The overall objective is to ensure significant increase in the universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This Action will intensify promotion of water and sanitation rights as part of the social rights with focus on the rural people in BiH who do not have access to safe drinking water and sanitation.