EU Reportages on TV – Phase VII

22.06.2014 - Bosnia and Herzegovina and media freedom (BHRT Broadcast)

16.06.2014 - EU experience of Hungary (BHRT Broadcast)

14.06.2014 - Gas sector in BiH (RTRS Broadcast)

14.06.2014 - Slovenia must repay a portion of received aid (FTV Broadcast)

08.06.2014 - New development in digitalization of Public Service Media in BiH (BHRT Broadcasting)

07.06.2014 - Minority rights in Croatia and Slovenia (FTV Broadcast)

06.06.2014 - Flood damage in BiH (RTRS Broadcast)

31.05.2014 - Flood in BiH and concrete help from EU (FTV Broadcast)

31.05.2014 - Support of EU to BiH after heavy floods (BHRT Broadcast)

24.05.2014 - Unemployment in Serbia (FTV Broadcast)

18.05.2014 - Renewable energy sources in BiH (BHRT Broadcast)

11.05.2014 - Eduaction system in BiH and EU (BHRT Broadcast)

10.05.2014 - Fight against discrimination in Serbia (FTV Broadcast)

10.05.2014 - BiH and perspective to become a Member State of the European Union (RTRS Broadcast)

04.05.2014 - FYRO Macedonia and EU Integration process (BHRT Broadcast)

03.05.2014 - World Press Freedom Day (FTV Broadcast)

03.05.2014 - FYRO Macedonia on EU path (RTRS Broadcast)

27.04.2014 - Ireland and the EU path (RTRS Broadcast)

27.04.2014 - EU path of Montenegro (BHRT Broadcast)

26.04.2014 - BiH in the natural gas sector (FTV Broadcast)

20.04.2014 - The case of asylum seekers in Sweden (BHRT Broadcasting)

19.04.2014 - Internal trade barriers in Bosnia and Herzegovina (FTV Broadcast)

12.04.2014 - Media freedom in Serbia (FTV Broadcast)

12.04.2014 - The new EU approach to Bosnia and Herzegovina (RTRS Broadcast)

12.04.2014 - BiH’s obligation as a Contracting Party to the Energy Community Treaty (BHRT Broadcast)

06.04.2014 - BiH has not Ratified the European Patent Convention (FTV Broadcast)

06.04.2014 - Parliament role in integration process (RTRS Broadcast)

06.04.2014 - Program of EU Integration (BHRT Broadcast)

05.04.2014 - BiH, consequences of failure to adopt the Law on prevention of money laundering (FTV Broadcast)

05.04.2014 - Parliament role in integration process (RTRS Broadcast)

05.04.2014 - Energy Sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina (RTRS Broadcast)

29.03.2014 - Energy efficiency in BiH (RTRS Broadcast)

23.03.2014 - Additional mechanism for EU assistance in economic management in BiH (FTV Broadcast)

23.03.2014 - Internal trade barriers (BHRT Broadcast)

22.03.2014 - Fight against corruption in Serbia (FTV Broadcast)

21.03.2014 - Digitalization of Public Service Media in BiH (BHRT Broadcast)

18.03.2014 - Public Procurement in BiH – Comparison to European Directives (FTV Broadcast)

16.03.2014 - Serbia’s path towards the European Union (BHRT Broadcast)

15.03.2014 - Montenegro’s EU Integration Process (RTRS Broadcast)

15.03.2014 - Public Procurement in BiH (FTV Broadcast)