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Clarification No.2 to TD, EuropeAid/162346/DD/ACT/BA, EC/BiH/CFP/19/001
(Updated: 13.09.2019 | Tender: European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR): Bosnia and Herzegovina – Country Based Support Scheme 2018 Publication reference: EuropeAid/162346/DD/ACT/BA, EC/BiH/CFP/19/001)
Site Visit Minutes, EuropeAid/140252/DH/SUP/BA, EC/BIH/TEN/19/009
(Updated: 13.09.2019 | Tender: EU support for street lighting project in the city of Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina, EuropeAid/140252/DH/SUP/BA, EC/BIH/TEN/19/009)
Tender Dossier, EuropeAid 140099/DH/SUP/BA, EC/BiH/TEN/16/020
(Updated: 02.09.2019 | Tender: Common Information System for Vetting and Issuing of Security Clearances Bosnia and Herzegovina, EuropeAid 140099/DH/SUP/BA, EC/BiH/TEN/16/020)
Cancellation notice, EuropeAid/140257/DH/SUP/BA, EC/BIH/TEN/19/010
(Updated: 26.08.2019 | Tender: Supply and distribution of rabies vaccination baits for autumn 2019, spring 2020 and autumn 2020 campaigns in Bosnia and Herzegovina, EuropeAid/140257/DH/SUP/BA, EC/BIH/TEN/19/010)