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Corrigendum no 2 , EuropeAid/140079/DH/SUP/BA , EC/BIH/TEN/18/040
(Updated: 17.05.2019 | Tender: Supply of equipment for Establishment of video surveillance system at international border crossings in BiH, EuropeAid/140079/DH/SUP/BA , EC/BIH/TEN/18/040)
Clarification No.2, EuropeAid/140115/DH/SER/BA, EC/BiH/TEN/19/003
(Updated: 15.05.2019 | Tender: Capacity building of Governments to include CSOs into the decision-making, EuropeAid/140115/DH/SER/BA, EC/BiH/TEN/19/003)
Clarification No.1 to the Contract Notice; EuropeAid/139861/DH/SER/BA; ЕС/ВiH/TEN/18/030
(Updated: 08.05.2019 | Tender: Support to NIPAC in the programming of Pre-Accession Assistance BiH, EuropeAid/139861/DH/SER/BA, EC/BIH/TEN/18/030)