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Clarification No.4 to TD,EuropeAid/138452/SUP/BA, EC/BIH/TEN/16/018
(Updated: 09.11.2017 | Tender: Supply of equipment for the development of hydrological flood forecasting system for Sava River Basin in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Phase 1, Bosna River), EuropeAid/138452/SUP/BA, EC/BIH/TEN/16/018)
Clarification No. 3, EuropeAid/154836/DD/ACT/BA,EC/BIH/CFP/017/001
(Updated: 20.10.2017 | Tender: Civil Society Facility programme 2016-2017, EuropeAid/154836/DD/ACT/BA, EC/BIH/CFP/017/001)
Corrigendum No 2. to TD, EuropeAid/139183/DD/WKS/BA; EC/BiH/TEN/17/018
(Updated: 18.10.2017 | Tender: Regulation of the Janja Riverbed in Ugljevik – relaunch,Ugljevik municipality/Republika Srpska,BiH;EuropeAid/139183/DD/WKS/BA; EC/BiH/TEN/17/018)
Shortlist Notice, EuropeAid/138918/DH/SER/BA, EC/BIH/TEN/17/006
(Updated: 09.10.2017 | Tender: Management of EU Info Centre and EU Info Points 2018 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, EuropeAid/138918/DH/SER/BA, EC/BIH/TEN/17/006)