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Award Notice, EuropeAid/139616/DH/SER/BA , EC/BiH/TEN/18/015
(Updated: 29.05.2020 | Tender: Design and studies for betterment of road on SEETO Route 2b, section Sarajevo – Foča (Brod na Drini) ,EuropeAid/139616/DH/SER/BA , EC/BiH/TEN/18/015)
Award Notice, EuropeAid/139783/DH/SER/BA, EC/BIH/TEN/18/028
(Updated: 20.05.2020 | Tender: Further Support to Public Finance Management in BiH, EuropeAid/139783/DH/SER/BA, EC/BIH/TEN/18/028)
Corrigendum No 2 to Contract Notice, EA140420,EuropeAid/140420/DH/SER/BA, EC/BiH/TEN/19/011
(Updated: 06.05.2020 | Tender: EU support for IDDEEA (Agency for Identification Documents, Registers, and Data Exchange),EuropeAid/140420/DH/SER/BA, EC/BiH/TEN/19/011)
Corrigendum No 1 to Tender Dossier; EuropeAid/140660/DH/SUP/BA, EC/BIH/TEN/20/001
(Updated: 30.04.2020 | Tender: EU support in Development and installation of software (SW) for e-Legislation in the Parliaments of Bosnia and Herzegovina; EuropeAid/140660/DH/SUP/BA; EC/BiH/TEN/20/001)