EU Delegation/EU Special Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina statement on recent comments about EUFOR

Yesterday,  a number of allegations were made about EUFOR, including that it does not treat all groups in BiH equally. This is an unfounded claim. EUFOR’s mandate is clear: to ensure a safe and secure environment that protects all Citizens of BiH.  EUFOR operates fully in line with the mandate that it has received. Any attempt to undermine EUFOR’s presence in BiH would be contrary to the interests of BiH citizens. Moreover, it will not diminish the EU’s determination to support BiH in maintaining stability in the country.

Presidency member Dodik’s comments about a potential deployment of German troops to EUFOR are completely inappropriate.  The Head of Delegation/EU Special Representative Johann Sattler stated “invoking the memory of WWII Nazism to criticize Germany’s decision to invest in additional defence capacities as a result of Russia’s aggression and participate in EUFOR is a new low point. The race to the bottom must stop.“ One of the reasons why EUFOR continues to be necessary is this type of behaviour. The current RS policies to undermine state institutions and competences is causing fear and mistrust among the citizens of BiH.  Yesterday’s inflammatory and derogatory comments undermine stability and trust among citizens.