Successful Eko BiH project initiative: FBiH House of Representatives adopts proposal of Environmental Protection Law

“ ENVIRONMENT IS A LAW ”- sign it too!

The Initiative for Adoption of the Proposal for the Environmental Protection Law of the FB&H has been launched as part of the Eko BiH project funded by the European Union, implemented by the Association “Resource Aarhus Center in BiH” (AC Sarajevo), Center for Environment (CZZS) and Center for ecology and energy (CEE).

The Initiative consisted of collecting signatures from citizens in Sarajevo, Zenica, Kakanj, Tuzla, Jablanica and Mostar during the month of September. The daily actions of up to three hours in each city, with their signature was supported by  more than 1000 citizens who agreed that better environmental protection was urgently needed. Shortly after the Initiative was launched, at the proposal of the Chairwoman of the Committee on Physical Planning, Housing and Communal Policy, Ecology and Tourism, of the House of Representatives of the FB&H Parliament,  a meeting with  the FB&H Parliament representatives was scheduled on Monday, September 23rd,  2019, when the Initiative’s campaign officially ended  with signatures submitted to the FB&H Parliament. Also, on the same day, representatives of AC Sarajevo, CZZS and CEE attended a meeting organized by the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism (FMOiT) on the same topic: the adoption of the Proposal of the Environmental Protection Law of the FB&H.

During the meetings with representatives of the FB&H Parliament and FMOiT representatives, the importance of the Initiative was emphasized, as well as the need for further involvement of the non-governmental sector in decision-making on environmental issues. The significant contribution of AC Sarajevo, CZZS, CEE and other members of the Eko BiH Network was also appreciated during the preparation and proposal of eleven additional amendments to the Law, of which five were adopted by the Government of the Federation of B&H during July 2019.

As part of the Initiative, a round table was held on September 9th in Sarajevo, attended by members of the Eco BiH Network, FMOiT representatives as well as representative of the FB&H Government Office for Legislation and EU Compliance. At the round table it was concluded that the Proposal for the Environmental Protection Law of the FB&H, with the proposed amendments, represents an important step in environmental protection, but that it is necessary to work daily on its implementation, improvement and harmonization with the European legislation.

After five years, on September 24th, 2019, during the fifth regular session of the House of Representatives of the FB&H Parliament, the Proposal of the  Environmental Protection Law of the FB&H was finally adopted.

We request that the House of Peoples of the FB&H Parliament adopts the Law as well, as soon as possible,” it is emphasized by the AC Sarajevo, CZZS, and CEE.