Connectivity Agenda: €96.8 million in EU grants for Bosnia and Herzegovina

At the Poznań Summit on the Western Balkans today EU and leaders of the Western Balkans endorsed a new package of projects under the Connectivity Agenda, including €96.8 million in EU grants for three new sections of Corridor Vc in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this latest package, BiH is by far the largest recipient of EU grants for infrastructure projects in the Western Balkans region.

In line with the commitments made at the previous Berlin Process summits in Vienna, Paris, Trieste and London as well as the 2018 EU-Western Balkans Summit in Sofia, this new package contributes to reaching the 1 billion pledge in EU grants set aside in 2015 to support the implementation of the Connectivity Agenda by 2020.

Three new sections of Corridor Vc in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be co-financed by the EU as follows:

1. Putnikovo brdo 2 Tunnel – Medakovo Interchange Motorway sub-section in the FBiH – EU grant of €15.9 million
2. Poprikuse – Nemila Motorway Subsection in the FBiH – EU grant of €42.1 million
3. Rudanka Interchange – Putnikovo Brdo 2 Tunnel – Motorway Section in the Republika Srpska – EU grant of €38.8 million

With these three additional projects, the EU’s support to Bosnia and Herzegovina under the Connectivity Agenda amounts to €216.8 million in grants for 13 transport projects in total, out of which €206.8 million pertains to Corridor Vc projects.

The full package endorsed today is worth in total €180 million in EU grants for eight new connectivity projects in energy and transport in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Serbia.

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