Celebrating Europe Day in BiH with young inventors from Sarajevo

Young electrical engineers presented a selection of over 50 award-winning innovations to Director General Danielsson and Ambassador Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, Head of the EU Delegation to BiH and EUSR, including a Rover robot, based on the NASA Mars Rover, and a pothole filler, aimed at improving road quality in BiH, which the guests had an opportunity to try out themselves, given the fact that they are fully functional and mobile.

“We are very happy we are here on the 9th of May, Europe Day, which is special to us. It is the day on which we remember history but also the lessons we have learned and the need to cherish every day the values for which we stand. It is good to have that in mind today and also to look to the future. I am sure that by the time I return to visit you the next time I am in Bosnia and Herzegovina,  your innovations will be successful and will create prosperity for you, your peers and your country,” said Director General Danielsson to the students.

“What you showed us today, and the standards you apply to electronics, mobile communication, and digitalization, are the future of this country. We need people who have a practical understanding of how things work. There is a tradition of electrical engineering in this country, we see that people are entrepreneurial, and therefore we have supported this Centre. This brings us together; the Europe you will live in will be different from what it is today, and it is therefore important that you are prepared and ready to be engaged and be a part of something bigger than yourself,” said Ambassador Wigemark.

During a discussion with the students, Ambassador Wigemark and Director-General Danielsson stressed the importance of entrepreneurial spirit to youth and youth engagement in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and across Europe as well.

The Centre for Innovations and Entrepreneurship, located in the Sarajevo High School for Electrical Engineering, was founded within the EU-funded project, “Support to local partnerships for employment”, which aimed to support development of innovations and entrepreneurship in the IT sector for youth, through procurement of equipment for the lab used by the students.