Local EU Statement on the declaration adopted by the BiH Presidency at its first session on 12 December 2018

The European Union (EU) Delegation and the EU Special Representative office issue the following statement in agreement with the Heads of Mission of EU Member States in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

“We welcome the declaration adopted by the BiH Presidency, at its first session, on EU integration outlining its commitment to fulfil the conditions of the accession process. We appreciate the fact that the BiH Presidency recognizes the importance of the EU integration process as a strategic goal for the country and as a unifying factor for all political actors and citizens.

We expect authorities at all levels of government in BiH to show courage and responsibility and to maintain a consolidated and coordinated approach in undertaking the necessary steps to move forward on the EU path. Next year, the European Commission will issue its Opinion on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s application for EU membership assessing the country’s readiness for accession, including making recommendations on fundamental reforms.

In this regard, the EU encourages BiH authorities not to lose any more time before the adoption of the Opinion and its consideration by the EU Council. By introducing concrete reforms and implementing them on the ground, BiH will demonstrate its determination to reach the strategic goal of EU membership. The success and speed of BiH’s accession process depends entirely on the political and institutional leadership of the country.”