Pop Art Festival – an opportunity for young artists

Within this year’s Europe Day celebration 2nd Pop Art Festival was opened with the exhibition Portraits of Artists by Vanja Lisac at the Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo on 11 May.

The official poster of the festival, produced within the workshop “EU in Pop Art” organised by the EU Info Centre last month, was handed over to Head of the EU Delegation and EU Special Representative in BiH Ambassador Lars-Gunnar Wigemark during the opening.

Ambassador Wigemark highlighted the huge creative potential of BiH which is recognized throughout the world.

“There are so many talented artists here in BiH, from art photographers, painters, writers, musicians to movie makers… This poster dedicated to the EU shows this creativity and the diversity of art and culture here”, Ambassador Wigemark said.


Pop Art Festival in Sarajevo, organised by the Association Pogon, gathers design students and teachers and other members of artistic community. It opens the door to young artists and gives them space to realise their ideas, to present their skills and educate young talents through workshops.

The festival is a part of the Europe Day marking in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the common European cultural heritage as the main theme.