Press release 2017: Annual Action Programme for Bosnia and Herzegovina Adopted

The European Commission adopted on 30 November 2017 the 2017 Annual  Action Programme for Bosnia and Herzegovina. With this programme, the Commission is allocating  EUR 60.3 million to support Bosnia and Herzegovina on its European integration path. The programme confirms the enlargement ‘fundamentals first’ principle, focusing on the sectors of rule of law and fundamental rights, democracy and governance and, for the first time under IPA II, transport.

The programme will continue with the EU’s support towards an efficient and responsible public administration and public financial management reform, aimed at making the public sector capable of delivering better services to citizens and of contributing to the EU integration process. The proposed actions in the rule of law sector will further improve the institutional and human capacities of the judiciary and law enforcement agencies,  including access to justice and the fight against corruption. A separate action will contribute to improving protection of vulnerable and marginalised groups against all forms of discrimination and ensuring protection of fundamental rights.

Finally, the extension of support to the transport sector will contribute to ensuring closer integration between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the EU through the preparation of future transport projects, as well as through the enhancement of capacities to manage transport policies and plan and implement the selected investments.