The last Info Days within the project EU for You organized in Tuzla

The last Info Days within the project EU for You, sponsored by the Ambassador of the European Union in BiH Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, were held today in Tuzla.Totally 8 Info Days have been organized at public universities across BiH (Sarajevo, Pale, Zenica, Banja Luka, Bihać, Mostar, Bijeljina i Tuzla) where the Ambassador Wigemark had an opportunity to talk to students and young people and hear their opinions on challenges they have been facing in the domains of education, employment and enterpreneurship.

Ambassador Wigemark expressed a great pleasure with the number and variety of questions students of the Economy and Law faculties asked, as well as with their interest to learn how they can be included into social streams and be drivers of changes.“There are different ways in which you can be included and that should not be limited only to voting at elections. Large number of young people in your country work on a daily basis within their communities in order to improve the situation, whether through starting the successful enterpreneurial stories or NGO projects.Unfortunately, they are not sufficiently heard of. My advice for you is to follow such examples and take the things into your own hands.“, said Ambassador Wigemark.

Students showed, during the discussion, a great interest for information about possibilities of inclusion into this project and similar ones financed by the EU, as well as for ERASMUS programme.
In the continuing activities of this project, the selected students from public faculties in BiH will, with the help from their mentors and project experts, work in teams on development of public campaigns that illustrate perception of the youth about the socio-economic reforms. The best team will be rewarede with  the trip to Brussels.