#BalkanTubEU: Ambassador Wigemark and YouTube stars say NO to hate

Walls of the “Dom mladih” concert hall in Sarajevo shook as two thousand children, youth and their parents exclaimed enthusiastically the message promoting tolerance and non-violence. The message was sent from the EU-supported #BalkanTubEU events which took place on 24-26 November, as part of the Balkan Tube Fest (BTF) which took place in Sarajevo.

During the three days, EU Ambassador in BiH Lars-Gunnar Wigemark hosted three separate events in the EU House and the Festival venue for young audiences from the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the wider region. Ambassador Wigemark used this opportunity to acknowledge the powerful platform that YouTube influencers have and express an admiration for young people for creating a virtual forum to freely discuss their ideas and opinions.

With such great power comes the great responsibility too. Words can hurt as any weapon. I am sure you all have heard of bullying, discrimination and exclusion, and how devastating it may be,” Ambassador Wigemark stressed in panel discussions with young people on these topics. Children posed numerous questions and showed interest in learning about YouTubers’ and the Ambassador’s own experiences of being victims of some form of violence.

“Together we can create the world without prejudice… Let’s be a society without discrimination… Think before you speak… Only together we can be big… Only together we can become better humans and create better lives for all of us,” – are some of the messages popular young YouTube sensations shared with hundreds of thousands of their followers.

Balkan Tube Fest is an annual event bringing together thousands of young people from the entire region, aiming to celebrate YouTube culture and show all that their differences should not stop them from doing things together.

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