EU marks Lifelong Learning Week in Modriča: Let’s learn from each other!

On the occasion of the “Story Harvest” event, organised within Lifelong Learning Week, youngsters from Modriča ‘harvested’ 70 children’s books, while adults were given out 30 most recent and classic titles within a “Book Harvest” event on the same occasion.  

The two events are a part of promotional campaign on lifelong learning organised within the framework of the “Education to Employment” project funded by the European Union and implemented by the Centre for Promotion of European Values “Europlus”, with the aim of developing and enhancing the habit of reading and raising awareness among children and adults on the importance of reading and healthy diet.

We have to feed our brain with both food and books in order to have the ultimate result. Somehow it seems to me that we have alienated ourselves from beauty, from a habit of reading“, said Dijana Đurđević, Team Leader of the Centre for Promotion of European values “Europlus” Doboj.

Books, wrapped up together with whole grain candies and a message on “smart” food and lifelong learning, were given out to children following successfully resolved puzzles about reading and healthy food produce. The youngest were delighted with the non-everyday workshop.

I learned that we should eat healthy food. I had a puzzle hiding a quince and when I resolved the puzzle I was awarded with a Swan Fairy Tale,” said Novak Panić, a primary school student, not hiding his delight. His school mate, Ružica Đurić, said that she liked the puzzle solving activity the most.

The adults were as equally delighted. The “Book Harvest” was organised for some 30 adult persons and in the course of the event, in a relaxed atmosphere and over a cocktail, each of them had a chance to ‘harvest’ his/her own title from the ‘forest’, based on a short content matter of equally wrapped up books.

This is a positive and commendable exercise, it would be good to have these events more frequently. A book is a treasure,” said one of the participants Savo Stijepić.

I think that this is the right moment for children taking part in such events to become aware of the importance of reading and to continue reading when growing up as well. In times of modern technology, it is essential to organise such events for the grownups so that they leave aside their cell phones and read more as that’s the time much better spent,” said Dejan Stojanović, Director of the Serb Cultural Centre, Modriča.

The “Education to Employment” project, funded by the European Union in the amount of approximately EUR 230,000, is being implemented with the aim of improving the position of hard-to-employ categories. It lasts two years, and through nine activities it is implemented in Doboj, Modriča and Derventa.