EU project boosts gastronomy tourism in BiH: The smell of tradition in a new way

The sheer number of workshop participants who gathered in Kreševo shows that gastronomy is an important added value of tourism product, especially in rural tourism. Nihad Mameledžija, one of the most famous chefs in BiH, lectured about medicinal and aromatic herbs of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The whole-day workshop entitled “Medicinal Herbs of BiH in Gastronomy”, organised on 4 October 2017 by the Association for the Development of Rural Tourism “Alterural”, gathered women involved in rural tourism in order to upgrade their knowledge and experience. The workshop has enabled them to acquire new skills to be able to offer the best possible service to the tourists to whom gastronomy is an increasingly important motive when choosing a vacation.

Participants carefully noted the recipes, participated in preparing dishes, and also taught the lecturer about their own local tradition. The use of medicinal and aromatic herbs is deeply rooted in the traditional dishes of Bosnia and Herzegovina. But as of today, lavender will not be used only as a smelly plant that they put in the closets, but they will prepare the peach jam with lavender. Dill will be an indispensable part of the pancake mixture and sage will be blended with the fish.

In order to improve the sustainable model of local rural economy and develop rural tourism, it is essential to help the local population to preserve their tradition. This EU-funded project will make this possible. New skills will help them in self-employment and will certainly reduce their migration from rural areas.

The “Medicinal Herbs of BiH in Gastronomy” workshop was held as an activity of the project “Building-up country side tourism destinations around Sarajevo to diversify the rural economy”, funded by the European Union with 184,832 EUR. The three-year project started in 2016 and covers the areas of ​​Kreševo, Vareš, Ilijaš, Fojnica, Stari Grad Sarajevo, Sarajevo Center and East Sarajevo. The project is coordinated by the Association Alterural and implemented by five partners: Eurogites, Climbing Association Vranica, Association Kreševo citrin and Women’s Forum Strica-Zarudje.

More about the project can be found here.