EU Ambassador Wigemark visits Visoko

Head of the EU Delegation and EU Special Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina Ambassador Lars-Gunnar Wigemark visited the Municipality of Visoko today, where he met with Visoko Mayor Amra Babić and her associates.

Ambassador Wigemark and Mayor Babić discussed challenges and future plans for the Municipality Visoko. The interlocutors agreed that local communities can and should take a more active role in addressing key issues for growth and jobs creation at the local level, including through social entrepreneurship, skills development and innovation.

Ambassador Wigemark assessed the Municipality of Visoko as a dynamic environment and a bright example of a municipality led by a female Mayor. He also relayed that the EU in BiH will soon initiate a project focusing on local governance and improving cooperation between municipalities in the EU integration process.

During the visit to Visoko, Ambassador Wigemark also visited some successful locally-based companies, including agricultural production and transport-service cooperative BIOS, food industry leader VISPAK and the lumber industry SECOM.

Ambassador Wigemark and Mayor Babić further visited some of the major cultural sites in Visoko, namely the National monument “Old Town Visoko” and the archaeological site “Mili-krunidbenog“.