EU supported opening of the Center for Better Society in Glamoč

The Center for Better Society was officially opened on Monday, 17 July 2017 in Glamoč.  The ceremony was attended by the representatives of Caritas of Banja Luka Diocese, religious leaders, representatives of municipal and county authorities, school institutions as well as numerous local people of Glamoč. The Center is established in the framework of the project “Respect Rural Women” which is financed by the European Union and implemented by Caritas Banja Luka in partnership with Caritas Austria.

Dr. Miljenko Aničić, director of Caritas Banja Luka, emphasized the importance of this project and clarified that the Center will serve to women to define their needs and priorities, and encourage women from rural areas to engage in development of socio-economic policies and strategies at local and regional level. Dr. Aničić also called on men to get involved in the work of the Center and to be active in achieving better society that duly values the role of women. He particularly stressed that we must not close our eyes to domestic violence and that our common obligation is to ensure life without violence.

Project Manager Mara Stipić Bagarić presented the project objectives and planned activities, instigating the representatives of local and county authorities and institutions to engage in project activities and to replicate good practice in other areas. Manager of the Center Antonija Kovačević explained some of the activities in the Center such as psychosocial support and empowerment of women, education and workshops on human rights and gender equality, joint initiatives in the local community that will benefit all people.

On behalf of the Ministry of Labor, Health, Social Welfare and Refugees of Herzeg-Bosnia County (Canton 10), minister Vasilija Broćeta highlighted the importance of the project for Glamoč but also for the entire county, stressing that the ministry will support project activities.

The priest of the parish Glamoč Marko Crnjak, as one of the initiators of this project idea, thanked to the European Union and Caritas for choosing Glamoč, and called for additional efforts to break prejudice in our society and to respect the dignity of women.

Effendi Muhamed Dragolovčanin, the main imam of Majlis of the Islamic Community in Glamoč expressed support to the project and pointed to the importance and role of women’s activism in building a healthy society.

The project initiative was supported by the representatives of the town of Glamoč, the Center for Social Work, the directors of the secondary and primary schools in Glamoč, as well as numerous local people who sent the message on significance of the project and project activities for Glamoč area. Within the Center there is also a small library and IT corner to provide new services to women from rural areas.