Europe Day in BiH: Exhibition dedicated to the life and work of Predrag Matvejevic at the EU Info Centre

Europe Day celebrations continued with an exhibition of works of the BiH prominent writer and essayist, Predrag Matvejević, organized by the EU Info Centre in BiH in cooperation with the Italian Cultural Association “Dante Alighieri” in BiH, at the EU Info Centre in Sarajevo, on May 18. The exhibition featured fifteen panels which displayed texts, book reviews, photographs, and posters, together with extracts from Italian, French, Croatian and BiH print media, revealing their response to the news on Matvejević’s death.

Addressing the audience, H.E. Nicola Minasi, Ambassador of the Republic of Italy to BiH used the opportunity to express his personal affection for Matvejević’s work. “Last December, when I found out that I am going to Bosnia and Herzegovina, I had a dream of meeting Predrag Matvejević here. I’ve known his work for the last twenty years, and I was so sorry to hear about his death, therefore I am honoured to be here today”, Ambassador Minasi said, adding that “While studying, I’ve come across a Metvejević’s book ‘Mediterranean Breviary’ which taught me that one can choose their identity and form the future on it, and not suffer from it”.

The renowned BiH journalist and publicist, Zlatko Serdarević, curator of the exhibition, noted that Matvejevic’s entire work was dedicated to connecting people and removing boundaries. ”With this exhibition, we wanted to draw the public’s attention to the recently deceased academic Predrag Matvejević, a true European intellectual who was born in Mostar, and has left a deep mark in the cultural life, not only in BiH and Croatia, but also throughout Europe.” Serdarević said.

The participants had the opportunity to enjoy the readings of excerpts of the one of Matvejević’s most famous books “Mediterranean Breviary”, translated into 23 languages, by the BiH actress Selma Alispahić.

Predrag Matvejević, a BiH writer and one of the most famous journalist in Southeast Europe was born in Mostar, on 7 October 1932, and passed away in Zagreb, on February 2, 2017. Matvejević was also a Croatian and an Italian citizen and a member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of BiH.

The exhibition is open for public at the EU Info Centre (address: Skenderija 3a, Sarajevo), on working days from 09:30 to 17:30 hrs until May 29.