“Local Integrated Development”: Selected projects of public works for employment of 158 socially vulnerable people in 2017

Within the scope of Project „Local Integrated Development“ (LID), which is primary funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), projects for public works were selected in five local governments, which will enable the employment of 158 socially vulnerable persons in 2017. During the implementation of five selected projects, persons who do not have employment longer than 12 months will be employed, which will contribute to the economic empowerment of their households. The total value of selected projects is 380,000.00 BAM, of which the EU contributes 250,000.00 BAM and local governments 130,000.00 BAM.

In November 2016, UNDP BiH announced the public call for expression of interest of local governments to finance the projects of public works for the employment of socially vulnerable persons. Upon closing the public call on 9th of December 2016, ten project proposals were received, of which five projects were selected, where implementation will be supported during 2017. The selection of project proposals was carried out by UNDP appointed evaluation commission. The commission has conducted evaluation and scoring of applications by mandatory criteria specified in the public call, while the final ranking list is compiled by scoring on the additional criteria which carries out the maximum of 70 points. The minimum number of points for the selection of projects was 40.
Ranking of the projects nominated by the local governments:

 No. Local government Title of project Points
1. Žepče Work for community, earn for family. 60
2. Srebrenik Recruitment of socially vulnerable and long-term unemployed persons. 60
3. Orašje Public works on the renovation of the municipality. 45
4. Goražde Economic empowerment of the most vulnerable population. 40
5. Foča Together to employment. 40
6. Novi Grad Afforestation, care and protection of forests in the municipality. 35
7. Maglaj Public works for safe life. 35
8. Odžak Cleaning and renovation of public spaces. 25
9. Mostar Works for community and ourselves. 25
10. Vareš Town for a pleasant and safe life. Has not met the requirements

The Project LID is a three-year initiative (2016-2018), primarily funded by the EU and implemented by UNDP in BiH in cooperation with the BiH Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees, Federal Ministry of Development, RS Ministry of Administration and Local Self-Government, Entrepreneurship and Crafts and Associations of Municipalities and Cities in Federation BiH and Republika Srpska.

The goal of the project is to raise standards of living and social cohesion in Bosnia and Herzegovina through inclusive, sustainable socio-economic development. The project aims to stimulate good governance and economic activity, and promote social inclusion at the local level through integrated local development in the areas primarily affected by floods and areas with a large percentage of returnees/IDPs. The project is being implemented in 21 local governments in BiH.