“War Childhood Museum” project presented in Sarajevo

A presentation of the project “War Childhood Museum” took place in the EU Info Centre on 23 March. The project team, on behalf of the Urban Association which is implementing the project, presented the activities undertaken to date in building up the collection and researching the wartime experience, as well as the plan for future development of the project, which, in addition to conducting further research and educational activities, includes the opening of a permanent museum in Sarajevo as a matter of priority.

Ambassador Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, Head of EU Delegation and EU Special Representative in BiH and Mary Ann Hennessey, Head of the Council of Europe Office in BiH, held the opening remarks.

I am thrilled to meet successful and grown-up people who were once children during the war. Some of the items from the Museum’s collection, such as the solar-powered transistor radio, demonstrate how creative children were in the most difficult times. I hope that this valuable project will soon become an actual reality,” said Ambassador Lars-Gunnar Wigemark.

Mary Ann Hennessey highlighted the importance of the project for the wider community, and recalled the sense of danger she had experienced as a child. “I call on all those who can to support this project, and I also invite those who were children during the war to participate in the project, no matter which part of BiH they are from,” said Hennessey.

The War Childhood Museum is the continuation of a project which included the publication of the book “Wartime childhood”. In addition to Bosnian, the book was published in German and Japanese. The future museum’s collection already contains thousands of items and is now looking for a showroom that would continuously educate about this experience.