EU Info Centre marked International Children’s Day with creative workshop for children

On the occasion of the International Children’s Day, 1 June, the EU Info Centre in cooperation with visual artist Taida Jašarević, organized   the eco-graphics workshop on environmental protection and climate change for the children’s art section of the elementary school “Musa Ćazim Ćatic” from Sarajevo.

The educational workshop aimed, through the creative process of printing images with a board (so-called printing stencils), to teach the students different modes of expression through print art.

Renowned  visual artist, Taida Jašarević, said that creative methods and techniques-used in the workshop can further stimulate children’s imagination and curiosity.

Children had the opportunity to develop new methods and processes for creating pictorial representations and I hope that this process has raised their imagination and curiosity, and that they are encouraged to continue to develop their creativity in the field of art creation,” said Jašarević.

Workshop participants were  tasked with creating artworks on the theme of environmental protection which will be part of the exhibition that will mark “European Climate Diplomacy  Day” on 17 June 2015 to be hosted by the EU Info Centre.

Students of the art section will also be involved in setting up the exhibition with the help of artist Taida Jašarević which will give them an opportunity to design the visual layout of the exhibition space.

The EU Info Centre is a project funded by the European Union and aims to increase knowledge and understanding among BiH citizens of the EU, its institutions, policies and programmes and the relations between BiH and the EU.