EU funded works on reconstruction of Kastel fortress in Banja Luka resume

The second phase of the reconstruction of Kastel fortress in Banja Luka started on 11 May 2015. The works are funded by the EU through IPA Regional Programme 2013 in the amount of around one million EUR.

The aim of this continued EU assistance is restoration and preservation of this endangered fortress, one of the oldest and the most significant cultural and historical monuments in BiH and symbols of Banja Luka.

The works cover reconstruction of the cultural centre with auxiliary facilities including two towers and summer stage, the north and west walls and bastions.

The deadline for the execution of works is March next year.

The City of Banja Luka has contributed around 150.000 EUR to the project and has also provided administrative and technical support. The European Union has previously invested 2,5 million EUR from IPA 2011 in the restoration of the first part of Kastel fortress.

Overall, the EU support for protection of cultural and historical heritage in BiH amounts to a total of 13 million EUR and includes restoration of the City Hall in Sarajevo, Cultural heritage sites in Stolac and the City Hall in Novi Grad.