Europe Day marked in Doboj


Celebrations to mark Europe Day continued in Doboj on 7 May with a presentation of EU-funded education projects, combined with music and dance performances involving both young and older generations. The event was organised by the ‘Centre for Promotion of European Values EUROPLUS’  and the City of Doboj, in cooperation with the Delegation of the European Union and BiH Directorate for European integration.

The Head of European Union Delegation/EUSR, Ambassador Peter Sorensen attended the event together with the Doboj Mayor, Obren Petrovic and Ms Jesenka Hadzajlija from the DEI.

This was an excellent opportunity for guests and visitors to tour info stands and get information both about the European Union and about the work of vocational schools, institutions for higher education, local companies and NGOs involved in EU-funded education projects aiming to enable employment in the local community through lifelong learning initiatives.

Addressing the audience in Doboj, Ambassador Sorensen underlined BiH’s clear perspective to become a EU Member State and that the EU stands ready to help the country achieve that goal. Ambassador Sorensen also  commended EUROPLUS and the local community in Doboj for having organised different events in the area marking Europe Day for many years already. 

Speaking of the resources presented through number of info stands and Lifelong Learning Centres in the country, Ambassador Sorensen said:

“Lifelong Learning Centres throughout the country are extremely important for BiH and also for its eventual membership in the European Union”, adding that “countries are as strong as their resources and  their citizens.”

EUROPLUS continues with celebration of Europe Day in the cities also covered by the EU funded education projects, Modrica and Derventa, in the following days.