Post-disaster Recovery Needs Assessment summary shows damages of nearly 4 billion KM

Authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina at all levels have conducted an assessment of the post disaster recovery needs caused by the devastating floods, which affected large parts of the country from 14-19 May 2014. The European Union, the United Nations and the World Bank, within the framework of the Joint Declaration signed in 2008, supported this process by providing resources and technical support.

The main findings in the executive summary show that the total economic impact of the disaster is 3.98 billion KM. Most of it impacted the private sector, family, small, medium and large businesses, and agricultural producers, including an undefined number of vulnerable sectors of the population. For the Federation of BiH, the total effects (damages and losses) are 2.03 billion KM, with 1.89 billion KM for Republika Srpska and 57.89 million KM for the Brcko District.

The assessment was undertaken for six sectors and three thematic groups, resulting in a quantification of the partial or total destruction of assets that will have to be repaired, replaced or reconstructed. It also provides an estimate of the related losses, which include losses in production, income, livelihoods and employment as well as diminished access to services and goods, increased costs for society and government, and altered risk.

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