Zabranjeni forum: “Is corruption ‘itching’ you?”

The World Bank research on corruption in transitional countries has identified Bosnia and Herzegovina as the country with the highest level of corruption in the region. The citizens of BiH consider corruption as one of the most important problems in the country.  20% of BiH citizens admitted to have been in the situation of paying a bribe, as stated in the report “Business, corruption and criminal activities in BiH”. Representatives of the business sector rank corruption as a very significant obstacle for business in BiH, with one out of 10 contacts between public servants and businesspeople involving bribery.

The EUSR sponsored the popular talk show programme ‘Zabranjeni forum’ on TV Pink BiH to look into these questions under the theme “Is corruption ‘itching’ you?”

The TV debate addressed issues such as: How BiH can proceed with or without corruption? What EU is doing in BiH related to the fight against the corruption in BiH? Watch the talk show, which was broadcast on 26 June and learn more about the possible solutions that were suggested.

Host and editor-in-chief:  Aleksandar Hršum


Mr. Severin Strohal, Head of Operations Section I (Justice and Home Affairs, Public Administration Reform) of the Delegation of the EU to BiH;
Ms. Ivana Korajlić, Transparency International BiH representative;
Ms. Rubina Čengić, journalist-analyst;
Mr. Drago Lukenda, whistleblower from Široki Brijeg.