Sorensen: Election results must be respected and allegations of irregularities investigated

“Election results must be respected and allegations of irregularities should be investigated. The eventual recommendations of OSCE/ODIHR in particular will need to be addressed by Bosnia and Herzegovina”, Head of EU Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina and EU Special Representative, Ambassador Peter Sorensen said during his visit to the Main Counting Centre in Sarajevo today.

Member of the BiH Central Election Commission, Mr Ahmed Šantic, and Director of the Counting Centre, Mr Ermin Kos, welcomed Ambassador Sorensen and briefed him on activities and work in the Counting Centre.
Ambassador Sorensen reiterated the necessity for swift government formation at all levels, so that incoming authorities can address the real challenges BiH faces. “Economic reforms are urgently needed to create jobs and improve people’s lives, as outlined in the Compact for Growth and Jobs. BiH must step up its efforts on its EU path. In particular, the issue of co-ordination needs to be addressed so that BiH can access valuable EU funds”, Ambassador Sorensen stressed.