BiH agriculture sector prepares for implementation of the EU’s Common Agriculture Policy

Consultations are taking place in Brussels regarding the requirements for setting up management and payment structures for Rural Development support from funds from the European Union’s Instrument for Pre-Accession. In attendance are representatives from the Federation of Bosnia and Heregovina (FBiH), the Republika Srpska (RS), the Brcko District and the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, on behalf of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and DG AGRI and DG ELARG on the side of the EU.

This support is envisaged to prepare the agriculture sector for implementation of the EU’s Common Agriculture Policy in due course. Because of the importance of the agriculture sector in terms of budgetary allocations and stringent financial management requirements, it will take several years to prepare the structures. The representatives of BiH are being encouraged to agree on outstanding questions for a timely preparation of the required structures.