What is your opinion on BiH’s EU perspective?

Nea Manjura, Bachelor of Public Relations

I perceive the accession to the EU as a great step forward for BiH. That would signify that we would finally be a part of something, instead of being left aside. From my point of view as new graduate, I believe that we, the young people, would have many more opportunities for employment abroad, which is currently quite difficult (concerning visas and similar things). The EU would introduce quite a lot of changes, as well as many new laws, but that would most certainly contribute to organisation and strengthening of the country. Our country needs stricter laws, so that not everyone could be asked for everything, learned, educated, and people with experience would make decisions concerning the country. We should start from the smallest things and gradually progress to bigger ones. Even jaywalking in EU in punishable, while utter chaos rules on our roads. I expect BiH society to accept all the necessary changes as mandatory step ahead, instead of judging and disrespecting them.

Nermina Blazevic, Master’s Student, Senior year from Bihac

As a member of younger generation of BiH citizens I believe that our country can only profit from becoming an EU member. It is needless to even talk of current situation in the heart of the Balkans. The vast majority is unsatisfied, younger population in particular. That is why I believe that many of my peers will agree with me when I say that EU accession would open many doors to us, primarily concerning the education, specialisation, and employment. One of the goals of the EU is economic, trade, and cultural integration of all its residents – and that represents a priority to BiH! Also, the EU would help us a lot with its rich educational programmes, recognitions, harmonisations, and cooperation. Young people would enjoy most options, and I am mostly looking forward to that. I hope that finally everyone would have the same educational system and access to a number of EU programmes and activities. There is also the possibility of the right of settlement and employment in all EU Member States. This supranational-integrated organisation strives towards transparency and inclusion, and that is something that our BiH truly needs. That is why I believe that the EU will provide us with more than it will take in return, because we do not have anything anyway. I believe in our mutual success!

Srdjan Puhalo, Psychologist – researcher from Banja Luka

Generally speaking, the European Union represents a path that is equally acceptable to the largest number of BiH citizens, which is shown by most public opinion polls. We can safely say that the European Union is one of the rare goals equally supported by Bosniaks, Croats, and Serbs. It is true that our citizens have great, sometimes unrealistic expectations, which can be summed up in phrase “a better life”. Bringing BiH closer to the European Union should result with more responsible politicians, better work of judiciary, more efficient administration, more investments and jobs, meaning the improvement of quality of life of BiH citizens. Of course, BiH needs to change and adapt to European standards along that path, instead of expect the European Union to adapt to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The European Union represent our great opportunity and I currently see no better alternative.