Do you think that the BiH media is independent?

Dragana Suvajac, Doboj

Unfortunately, I do not relate the concept of independence with the media in BiH. I believe that the media in BiH are mostly in the service of some political party or donor. All the media that have legal financial supportfrom the state budget are, of course, dependent on those who control the budget funds. Since the favourites in distribution of funds are the media with greatest media power, they are the ones that are dependant the most. Theonly media in BiH that I follow on regular basis and consider to be independent are the internet portals.

Adis Muhibic, Konjic

I support the right to freedom of expression in the media – this is an unavoidable part in democracy building and preservation. My opinion is that the media are not independent and I agree with the statement saying that the leaders of media independence are the internet portals. Autonomous and independent media are associated with a number of positive results that are especially important in stopping poverty, strengthening civil society, institutional changes, political transparency, supporting education, and raising awareness on public health and a sustainable way of life. Every attack against media freedom is an attack against international law, against humanity, and against freedom itself. A free, safe and independent media are most certainly in the bases of democracy and peace. Government, media, and civil society have a role in upholding those bases.

Fikret Klicic, Cazin

As far as BiH media and their independence are concerned, my opinion is that the leading parties decide who will report on what, which indicates that the media are not so independent, because there is also certain censorship present in some cities. And even if the published news is true some things are deleted or added in a way that suits the governing structure, and for this reason – where is the independence of the media?